How to start your real estate investment

There are those who invest in the real estate market indirectly in the form of bonds in the stock market.

There are those who start investing in real estate by buying and renting their properties, which are characterized by a beach front, in a tourist community, a commercial building, or an administrative building.

There is a difference between the return on direct and indirect investment from novice investors, as the indirect investor’s return on investment depends on the sale of recently completed projects and the price of shares, but the shares are not fixed in value.

While the direct investor in the real estate market in the form of buying property ownership and investing in the leasing market, his return is greater and safer than the stock market, and this is the best way for real estate buyer and novice investor.

5 steps to get started :

  1. Choose a specific business Investing Strategy
  2. Identify your financial stage
  3. Find a target market
  4. Build your team
  5. Raise cash for down payments and reserves

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