What Documents Is Required To Rent A Property In Abu Dhabi?

United Arab Emirates is one of the Best Real Industries in the world. The seven emirates have different rental cost. Abu Dhabi and Dubai have high rental cost compared to other emirates. Other emirates offer lower cost. The process of renting a property is different from city to city.

If you are planning to rent a new home for rental. Open Home Properties will help to find the best rental Property in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Once you have chosen a property for renting, we will do the complete documents work, application and other also. In the case of Abu Dhabi, you will require to signing MOU(Memorandum Of Understanding), to pay a 2% property fee and 2% Abu Dhabi City Municipality fee.

Please find below the documents required to Rent a Property in Abu Dhabi

1: A Copy of your Residency Visa

2:  A Copy of your passport

3: Marriage Certificate.

4: Salary proof

5: Bank document

Open Home Properties is the best way to Property Buy and Property Sell in Abu Dhabi. We are the Best Real Estate in Abu Dhabi.

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