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Are you already in business, or planning to join one soon? I am very sure you’re contemplating on ways you make selling easier and land quality customers who can be loyal to you, which will ensure you boost your revenue. Well, cool down because I go you’re back covered. I will offer you 10 marvelous tips employed by your competitors on how they sell products and boost their sales in no time.

If you are trying your best to assume that competitors do not exist in your space, then you are missing out a lot on how to improve your real estate marketing. By concentrating on what your competitors are doing in the real estate industry, you will glean new ideas as well as discover what others are offering, and you are not.

Should You Care About Knowing Your Competitors Anyway, Today?

It’s surprising that most businesses organizations are not aware of their direct or indirect competitors. Direct competition is straightforward, as they are companies which offer similar services or products to what your enterprise is offering.

On the other hand, indirect competitors tend to be relatively hard to spot. Indirect competitors according to previous studies are companies that provide services or products which differ from your products but strive to achieve similar objectives.

Read On To Discover Top 10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Real Estate Marketing Revealed By Experts!

1) Branding – awareness marketing;

Branding or awareness marketing will enable you to get recognized by the luxury customers, and you are correctly associated with the Upscale and Luxury Real Estate products. The direct response involves calling immediate action while brand marketing involves taking your brand to the top of your client’s mind. For direct response marketing, popular among mid-market real estate, it involves producing newspaper ads, post cards, and Yellow Letters.

However, in the luxury real estate segment, you must aim to create a brand by using strategies such as supermarket carts or billboards, to build brand awareness. To sell luxury real estate property, you must first sell yourself as an agent who offers the best services in your area and business segment.

2) PPC advertising;

To make enough sales, advertise your product. You can use the internet or traditional media, depending on your target market. If your target is in a given geographical location, place your ads in the newspaper, TV and on the radio. If you are dealing with a global market with Real Estate such as those from  Nickel City Buyers you can go for search engine marketing, forum posting, and PPC advertising, to gain more leads.

3) Direct marketing;

Direct response is popular in the mid-market real estate because it is inexpensive, targets a significant number of people and does not require a lot of creativity. However, brand awareness is desired in luxury real estate because clients in this segment wish to associate with brands that deliver.

4) Demonstrations;

Capture the market by demonstrating how your product works or how it’s being used. Demonstration videos could inform the customers of your product and post on the internet such as on YouTube dot com. Incorporate your product page’s URL on the demonstration to drive potential customers to your site.

5) Telemarketing;

If you love selling your product over the phone, telemarketing would be a great idea. Begin the call with warm greetings, and then introduce your company you represent and yourself. Have a canned sales presentation script to guide your telemarketing. The script should contain all the benefits and features of the product collectively with rebuttals to ordinary objections such as those from the Buffalo Real Estate market.

6) Referrals ;

Request your most satisfied clients to spread the word about the effectiveness of your product. Reward the customers with discounts or freebies each time they bring customers to you. Bandit Signs, Buffalo Real Estate or even Nickel City Buyers has good products that can earn good referrals and earn you profits. The referrals with experience with your products will look more credible than affiliate marketers.

7) Digital Advertising;

Marketing luxury properties require that you engage your prospective clients, which also involves creating a personal brand. Digital advertising allows creating a one-on-one relationship. To market your high-end real estate, you’ll need to realign your digital strategy to engage your new luxury clientele.

Your clients must see your website and web pages as “the Luxury Real Estate page.” Make your online presence a brand that moves with the customers all over the internet. Ensure that your name, face, and link to your business become familiar as your ads spread. Drive traffic to your website, which you can easily convert into a sale.

8) Excellent online customer service;

Give the luxury real estate customers a place to go for professional advice and news. Complete enough research on your niche. Don’t be intimidated by big sales. Check it, act and show high confidence. By providing your prospective customers with all the information they need you will be creating driving more customers to your business.

9) Email marketing;

Email marketing according to experts is the practice of sending commercial sales messages, to specific people who might be prospective real estate clients, using email. In a broad sense, all emails email sent to either a current or potential customer it is considered as email marketing.

Email marketing helps to drive more traffic to investor’s business organization thus allowing them to make more sales within a reduced period. Through email marketing, investors can send direct promotion and transaction messages to their clients.

10) Blogging content strategy;

Experts have revealed that blog marketing is seen as a process which either advertises or publicises real estate property, service or brand via a blog or content medium. Blog marketing strategy involves placing ads on blogs, reviews, and recommendations by the blogger. Blogging marketing strategy to a great extent can also include promotions through cross-syndication of real estate information across several blogs. By blogging embracing various strategies such a viral marketing, it has been seen as a fantastic real estate marketing opportunity.

Through content marketing strategy investors employ an effective method by producing a dynamic document that catalogs available property and explains how it can be applied contextually in the sales process.


Are you still feeling skeptical about the competitive methods investors use? Well, most first-time users pass through the same stage.

However, your doubts will disappear once you realize how valuable the above methods can be to your real estate investing enterprise.

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